My Apologies, But I Am Just Not Sorry

Hello hello beautiful people! I can not believe August is here and the summer breeze will soon be drifting away…

My birthday was on July 30th and I know we all feel this way about our birthdays, but I truly believe July 30th is the best day of the year. The weather is hot and sunny, perfect for the beach, pool parties, ice cream and fun times with friends and family. It is smack in the middle of summer vacation and although I hate to see summer end, July 30th is about celebrating the first half of summer and soaking up every last moment of the sun.

Now, I want to address my lack of blogging this summer. Chalk it up to work and not wanting to spend time sitting at my computer more than I have too, but I do feel guilty for not keeping up with this blog throughout June and July.

I almost want to apologize for my absence but then I realized, I have nothing to be sorry about! This blog is for me (and you, whoever you may be). If I want to go on a two month hiatus to enjoy every ounce of summer, I will!

Sorry, not sorry

Here are some other things I’m most certainly not sorry about, and you shouldn’t be either:

  • Staying in
    • I work, I’m tired, alcohol doesn’t give me the same carefree drunken night it once gave me at Turtle or Dicky’s (Yes I miss college).
  • Telling you not to text and drive
    • I tell you out of love, not judgement. If it’s an emergency, pull over
  • Taking pictures of my food/scenery/myself/friends/that wall art in Brooklyn
    • I’m doing it for the Insta and more importantly, the memories.
  • Wearing crazy socks with shorts & dresses
    • I love crazy socks.aI love wearing them with sneakers, boots, over leggings and with my summer dresses. What makes a better statement than crazy socks?a
  • Skipping plans to workout
    • We all know I love Pure Barre  and I’m also loving Yoga on the Beach this summer! beach yoga.jpg
  • Skipping a workout to eat tons of ice cream with my best friend(s)
    • Spoons LI is so delicious. Cereal + Ice Cream + Toppings = Heaven 

This list could go on and I’m sure yours can too! Let me know in the comments here or on my Instagram.

Note: This is NOT a sponsored post. All thoughts expressed in this post are strictly my own.


Lexi Eids





Quest For My Aesthetic

An Instagram aesthetic is one of the main parts of your brand’s voice and personality. Your brand’s aesthetic is key to creating a successful branded Instagram. As I am growing my personal Instagram, @lexieids, I am still struggling to determine my true Instagram aesthetic. However, there are many brands and influencers who have their aesthetic nailed down and killing it! I’ve listed my favorites below and took a stab at my own mock aesthetic:


I really love how this aesthetic shows the lifestyle of the Free People shopper and how each image blends together through color. In the screenshots above you can see how there are photos with an orange theme grouped together followed by pink, red and green themes. The photos are grouped by color but still blend into each other.

I really admire Free People as a brand on social media. Their Twitter is filled with quotes and beautiful images that give off major wanderlust vibes. Fun fact: I once submitted a quote of mine to @freepeople and they turned it into art.

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 9.52.35 PM

What. An. HONOR. 



Now Abercrombie & Fitch is a store that has styled me since I was a wee little tot. I am an A&F shopper for life. But enough about how great their jeans are and how I’ve watched their style evolve from branded t-shirts to boyfriend jeans and more.

A&F’s Instagram aesthetic has the vibes of city life meets beach life meets festival life. They perfectly showcase their clothes and how they are versatile to any (cool) scene. Plus, A&F has a tasteful mix of photos and videos that aren’t taking up the entire square spot for photos. The white space helps create a cool, laid back vibe highlighting various activities of an A&F shopper. #MyANF

Think Pink

So, I took a stab at creating my own aesthetic in my “Think Pink” mood board. Pink is pretty popular, with brands reposting cute quotes and photos that resonate with their chill and feminine aesthetic.

img_2033-1img_2034-1img_2035-1                                        img_2036-1img_2037-1

Can’t believe June is almost here! Soon it will be summer, time for beaching it, pool floaties and farmer’s markets – do it for the gram!


Lexi Eids

P.S. Does this selfie make me look aesthetically appealing???


Do For You: Pure Barre 

After working for (almost) two years post-graduating college, I have come to realize that maintaining a healthy work/life balance is vital to a happy life and success in and outside the office.

Find your zen. Go somewhere new. Do for you.  

For my first Do For You I would like to highlight my love for Pure Barre.

A Bit About Pure Barre 

As stated on their website, Pure Barre is all about small movements that result in a big change. There are six parts to the 55 minute class:

  1. Warm-Up
  2. Sculpt Arms
  3. Tone Thighs
  4. Lift Seat
  5. Flatten Abs
  6. Cool down

There are a few red tools used during the workout, including weights, used to sculpt arms, a red ball, used during warm-up, thighs and/or seat work and sometimes abs, a red rubber tube or a red double tube, used during arm stretches, thighs and/or seat and cool down, and a red mat which is used during ab work and cool down.

Lots of red to stay on brand. I like it!

Also – you must wear sticky socks!

My New Favorite Barre 

I heard about Pure Barre from a few friends but didn’t start taking classes until August of 2016. I got a gift card for my birthday and figured what the h.e. double hockey stick?

I liked the classes, both Pure Barre and Platform, and was satisfied but not hooked. My gift card ran out and I was working in the city at the time and didn’t think I’d have time to go to classes besides the weekends, so a membership did not seem worth it to me.

I was going maybe twice a month in the fall when I started following my studios (Pure Barre Woodbury & Pure Barre Huntington Village) on Instagram. Wow – this barre thing sure knows how to brand themselves. While I wasn’t going to classes often, I was hooked with the idea of the Pure Barre lifestyle through their Instagram.

Screen Shot 2017-05-06 at 2.34.38 PM.png

Like, they literally have the cutest on-brand motivational posts to get you in the mood for a Pure Barre class. I’m a sucker for sassy workout puns (Namastay in bed, anyone?). Soon, other studios around the country began to follow me and I followed back almost immediately. It felt like such an Instagram honor!

#FitnessGoals #Fitspiration #Fitgram

As 2017 began I made a realistic fitness resolution to eat better, take care of my body and grow stronger. I was in a car accident early 2016 and my lower back suffered. I spent 2016 recovering and spending a lot of time at Physical Therapy. By the time 2017 rolled around, I felt confident and able to get back to my regular workout routine and more.

On Valentine’s Day, my love for the barre grew when I saw my studio was offering a special of 14 classes for $14 each. Sign me up! With that purchase, and then a $99 for your first month purchase, I spent most of February, March and April tucking and pulsing myself sore to strong. I upped my attendance from two classes a month to seven classes in both March and April!

Pure Results

Results don’t show up overnight. However, since taking Pure Barre classes consistently I have reached new heights in my fitness goals. I am more toned, stronger and I can kind of sort of do a little baby push up which for me is HUGE. Combined with Physical Therapy and other workout routines at the gym and even some hot yoga here and there, I feel my lower back healing, though I know I still have a long way to go.

I am still open to trying new workout classes, but I am 100% happy with my Pure Results! Adding Pure Barre classes to my fit-life was one of the best decisions I made in 2017 yet (even when the instructor says to pulse down an inch lower but my thighs are literally on fire. Like, literally.) Bikini body ready? I think so!

 Tank: Emi Jay Leggings: Ivy Park 

Note: I am not trying to sell these classes to you. The opinions expressed in this blog post are strictly my own and not sponsored by any third party.


Lexi Eids

Snapchat, Instagram & Facebook Stories (oh my!)

Facebook launched their Facebook Stories feature on March 28th. Since then, my eyes have officially rolled further back into my head than I ever thought possible.

Actual quote by me when I saw the Facebook Stories update.
Kidding. Maybe.

When I saw the update I immediately found myself thinking Why Facebook, why? Don’t get me wrong, I love Instagram stories. Since Facebook owns Instagram, I can’t say I was completely surprised.

When Snapchat first came out with their Snapchat Stories feature I thought it was redundant and completely against what I believed Snapchat was all about. I thought Snapchat was for sending personal photos, for 10 seconds or less. The whole point of getting Snapchat was that it was private. Why would I want to publicize that embarrassing selfie to my entire story? If I wanted everyone on my Snapchat contact list to get that selfie, couldn’t I just send it to literally everyone on my contact list? Why does it need to be displayed for 24 hours?

But alas, people fell for Snapchat stories hard and I quickly followed suit. However, when Instagram Stories came out this past August, I immediately became a fan. If Facebook still had their “Become a Fan”  buttons, I’d become the first fan for Instagram Stories in a heartbeat.

Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 9.51.20 PM
Instagram stories just makes sense. As Instagram is a public app, unless you make your account private of course, Instagram is a much easier platform to follow your favorite brands, celebrities and influencers. Brands such as @freepeople, @starbucks, @purebarre, @francescas and much more have used Instagram to share images that reflect the lifestyle of their brand & consumer as well as create a unique personality for the brand while showing off their product or service. It’s as if you’re following another close friend that just happens to have the prettiest and cleanest house to take pictures of all of her perfect agendas, tumblers and yoga leggings.

I joined Facebook in 2007 – 13 going on 14. In the last ten years I have seen Facebook change from statuses with a mandatory “is” after your name to adding cover photos and now Facebook stories. Facebook, to me, has never been about building a brand. Facebook is about building and maintaining friendships. Facebook is the window you leave open for your friends to see into your world. Facebook has always been a platform encouraging new and existing friendships as well as sharing photos to tell your stories and show off your latest adventures.

LexiEids Is…

One thing I’ve noticed over the last ten years is the decrease of the need to post a Facebook status. My statuses in 2007 often said the basic “Lexi is at the mall”, “Lexi is sick of homework” and of course, the obnoxious “Lexi is I love my boyfriend <3333333”. (Yes, I’m guilty and I am reminded of how annoying I was by my friends and my Timehop quite frequently.)

Today, what even is a Facebook status anymore? My newsfeed is now filled with shared stories, sometimes accompanied with a user’s opinion of the story or what is going on in the world (cough cough the 2016 election cough cough).

Facebook’s user generated content has decreased. As I read on a recent Buffer blog post, many of its users are no longer creating their own content, instead opting to share links and information from other websites. Bloomberg reports, Facebook Inc. is working to combat a decline in people sharing original, personal content, the fuel that helps power the money machine at the heart of its social network, according to people familiar with the matter.

It all makes sense. I just don’t agree.

Facebook Stories has been with us for almost a month now. Out of all my 1,136 Facebook friends (a number I try to shrink every day) I have maybe two Facebook friends who use Facebook Stories on a semi-regular basis. A week after Facebook Stories launched, they decided to turn all our friends into ghosts on the top of our homepage to further entice us to share stories with our friends. Spooky.

Will Facebook Stories take off? Are they just a late bloomer? Only time will tell. Looking at the time we’ve  already had with the new feature, I’d say Facebook has a lot of long nights ahead to get their stories at the same user level as Instagram and the OG of all social media stories, Snapchat.

April Mood Board

Happy April!

April is the start of showers, flowers & would you look at that, my first post! I’m just going to jump right in and talk about this little mood board I created, but if you want to get to know a little about me & the purpose of this blog, please click here. Great, thanks!

Why Create a Mood Board? 

So today I am here to talk about mood boards! Mood boards typically include a color scheme, lighting elements, textures, vivid imagery and any inspirational pieces.

Now, I LOVE Pinterest. I have been using Pinterest since my Freshman year of college (2012 holy cow). I have a board for everything: quotes, love quotes, jokes, my future wedding, even converse sneakers. I mostly turned to Pinterest to prolong my procrastination of studying for finals and to find new cupcake recipes. To me, it was about categorizing my interests. It made me feel organized as well as entertained.

When planning content strategy for different clients, my colleagues would often turn to Pinterest to create a “mood board” or some may call it a “vision board”. For example, February content is typically pink and filled with Valentine’s Day themed posts.  If I wanted to create content for a family friendly cruise line, I might create a mood board filled with bright colors (blue and yellow to represent the sun and the ocean), travel inspiration and happy families. The best way to decide on a theme is to keep in mind the type of project you are planning to start. This will help you visualize that project and the colors, elements and style you’d like to incorporate into your work.

I. Love. Mood Boards. 

Now, I’m addicted. I love creating mood boards. I recently created a second Pinterest account for my mood board/inspiration ideas. My first mood board is for April. Here I collected themes of April such as rain, flowers & spring, Easter & Passover, and lots of pastels. When creating content for my clients, I want to stay relevant. Brands like @katespade wouldn’t dare share photos of their pink and yellow bags from their spring line on Christmas!

I’m looking forward to pulling new inspirations and content ideas from my mood boards! So cheers to mood boards, positive visions and new ideas every day!

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 8.09.35 PMScreen Shot 2017-03-14 at 8.09.22 PM