April Mood Board

Happy April!

April is the start of showers, flowers & would you look at that, my first post! I’m just going to jump right in and talk about this little mood board I created, but if you want to get to know a little about me & the purpose of this blog, please click here. Great, thanks!

Why Create a Mood Board? 

So today I am here to talk about mood boards! Mood boards typically include a color scheme, lighting elements, textures, vivid imagery and any inspirational pieces.

Now, I LOVE Pinterest. I have been using Pinterest since my Freshman year of college (2012 holy cow). I have a board for everything: quotes, love quotes, jokes, my future wedding, even converse sneakers. I mostly turned to Pinterest to prolong my procrastination of studying for finals and to find new cupcake recipes. To me, it was about categorizing my interests. It made me feel organized as well as entertained.

When planning content strategy for different clients, my colleagues would often turn to Pinterest to create a “mood board” or some may call it a “vision board”. For example, February content is typically pink and filled with Valentine’s Day themed posts.  If I wanted to create content for a family friendly cruise line, I might create a mood board filled with bright colors (blue and yellow to represent the sun and the ocean), travel inspiration and happy families. The best way to decide on a theme is to keep in mind the type of project you are planning to start. This will help you visualize that project and the colors, elements and style you’d like to incorporate into your work.

I. Love. Mood Boards. 

Now, I’m addicted. I love creating mood boards. I recently created a second Pinterest account for my mood board/inspiration ideas. My first mood board is for April. Here I collected themes of April such as rain, flowers & spring, Easter & Passover, and lots of pastels. When creating content for my clients, I want to stay relevant. Brands like @katespade wouldn’t dare share photos of their pink and yellow bags from their spring line on Christmas!

I’m looking forward to pulling new inspirations and content ideas from my mood boards! So cheers to mood boards, positive visions and new ideas every day!

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 8.09.35 PMScreen Shot 2017-03-14 at 8.09.22 PM


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