Quest For My Aesthetic

An Instagram aesthetic is one of the main parts of your brand’s voice and personality. Your brand’s aesthetic is key to creating a successful branded Instagram. As I am growing my personal Instagram, @lexieids, I am still struggling to determine my true Instagram aesthetic. However, there are many brands and influencers who have their aesthetic nailed down and killing it! I’ve listed my favorites below and took a stab at my own mock aesthetic:


I really love how this aesthetic shows the lifestyle of the Free People shopper and how each image blends together through color. In the screenshots above you can see how there are photos with an orange theme grouped together followed by pink, red and green themes. The photos are grouped by color but still blend into each other.

I really admire Free People as a brand on social media. Their Twitter is filled with quotes and beautiful images that give off major wanderlust vibes. Fun fact: I once submitted a quote of mine to @freepeople and they turned it into art.

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 9.52.35 PM

What. An. HONOR. 



Now Abercrombie & Fitch is a store that has styled me since I was a wee little tot. I am an A&F shopper for life. But enough about how great their jeans are and how I’ve watched their style evolve from branded t-shirts to boyfriend jeans and more.

A&F’s Instagram aesthetic has the vibes of city life meets beach life meets festival life. They perfectly showcase their clothes and how they are versatile to any (cool) scene. Plus, A&F has a tasteful mix of photos and videos that aren’t taking up the entire square spot for photos. The white space helps create a cool, laid back vibe highlighting various activities of an A&F shopper. #MyANF

Think Pink

So, I took a stab at creating my own aesthetic in my “Think Pink” mood board. Pink is pretty popular, with brands reposting cute quotes and photos that resonate with their chill and feminine aesthetic.

img_2033-1img_2034-1img_2035-1                                        img_2036-1img_2037-1

Can’t believe June is almost here! Soon it will be summer, time for beaching it, pool floaties and farmer’s markets – do it for the gram!


Lexi Eids

P.S. Does this selfie make me look aesthetically appealing???



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