My Apologies, But I Am Just Not Sorry

Hello hello beautiful people! I can not believe August is here and the summer breeze will soon be drifting away…

My birthday was on July 30th and I know we all feel this way about our birthdays, but I truly believe July 30th is the best day of the year. The weather is hot and sunny, perfect for the beach, pool parties, ice cream and fun times with friends and family. It is smack in the middle of summer vacation and although I hate to see summer end, July 30th is about celebrating the first half of summer and soaking up every last moment of the sun.

Now, I want to address my lack of blogging this summer. Chalk it up to work and not wanting to spend time sitting at my computer more than I have too, but I do feel guilty for not keeping up with this blog throughout June and July.

I almost want to apologize for my absence but then I realized, I have nothing to be sorry about! This blog is for me (and you, whoever you may be). If I want to go on a two month hiatus to enjoy every ounce of summer, I will!

Sorry, not sorry

Here are some other things I’m most certainly not sorry about, and you shouldn’t be either:

  • Staying in
    • I work, I’m tired, alcohol doesn’t give me the same carefree drunken night it once gave me at Turtle or Dicky’s (Yes I miss college).
  • Telling you not to text and drive
    • I tell you out of love, not judgement. If it’s an emergency, pull over
  • Taking pictures of my food/scenery/myself/friends/that wall art in Brooklyn
    • I’m doing it for the Insta and more importantly, the memories.
  • Wearing crazy socks with shorts & dresses
    • I love crazy socks.aI love wearing them with sneakers, boots, over leggings and with my summer dresses. What makes a better statement than crazy socks?a
  • Skipping plans to workout
    • We all know I love Pure Barre  and I’m also loving Yoga on the Beach this summer! beach yoga.jpg
  • Skipping a workout to eat tons of ice cream with my best friend(s)
    • Spoons LI is so delicious. Cereal + Ice Cream + Toppings = Heaven 

This list could go on and I’m sure yours can too! Let me know in the comments here or on my Instagram.

Note: This is NOT a sponsored post. All thoughts expressed in this post are strictly my own.


Lexi Eids





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