@Lexieids up close & sort of personal

Hey hey & thanks for stopping by! I’m Lexi Eids, a 23 year old social media 🐥  from Long Island, NY (accent optional).  From my Instagram (@lexieids follow me! ) you can gather that I am a 23 year old New Yorker with a love for the beach, bike riding, traveling, brunch, my friends & family, my dog & anything I’m doing that can be photographed from an above angle. 📲

I’m kind of new to the blogging scene besides blogging for school assignments or previous failed attempts at personal blogging, but now I think I’ve sort of found my niche in this digital world – so here I am, back at it again with a brand new wordpress!

I’m so excited to share my journey in social media and an overall balance of work + life with you all.